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Live-Production Team development

  I have lead volunteer teams in 6 of our nation's largest churches; FBC Daytona, FBC Jacksonville, Church @ The Springs, Champion Forest, River Pionte, & Grace Point.  I can help with the process of recruiting, training and retaining volunteers.  Getting people to serve on the weekends is the hardest part of the job.   Growing your teams, managing them and not burning them out is a marathon race.  

  I have always operated with the mind set, "how do I recruit people without any stage time".  Relying only on the 1 or 2 times a year that our ministry gets an announcement from stage to beg people to join the team means that we are missing many valuable opportunities to get people on the team.

  Training a team can feel like herding cats over and over again.  There are time proven ways to get your people up to speed without overwhelming them or without saying the same things over and over 500  times.  

  Keeping people from burning themselves out in ministry is one of the greatest acts of love and service we can do for them.  


  I have been a part of 3 churches that operate as multi-site campuses.  Opening a new campus can be daunting. There are a lot of land mines to avoid.   Starting new teams from scratch, purchasing equipment with no money, getting everything working with no time and keeping the original ship afloat seems impossible.  It is.  But it is possible to keep the quality high and alleviate needless stress from the process.


  Every week, Sunday is coming.  It will eat your lunch if you are not ahead of the game.  Preparation is key.  It is possible to be 4-8 weeks ahead of the shark within a month of implementing some very simple principles.  Easy to say, but hard to do.

  On top of that, fostering an environment for creative staff to thrive can feel like trying to hold water.  If you are tired of blowing through worship leaders, designers and production staff, it might be time to try something different.  Eliciting creative genius from a person can never be done with a pay check.  It can only be volunteered, even for staff.  As a leader of worship and creative production teams, I know the staff environment can drastically change the way congregations are influenced. 



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How much does it cost? - $3,000-$4,000 

How does it work? - 2 weekends of observing meetings, weekend services and team organization to understand your process.