Recent Projects


Recent Projects

Nathan VonMinden Demo Reel

Stafford, TX Fire Department

The Ice Skater - Stop Motion

Without You - Lyrics Video

Rodeo 2015 Part 1: An RPC Adventure Film


U Can't Touch This (Supercut featuring Pastor Patrick Kelley)

Money Controlling You

Worship & Creative Arts (Behind The Scenes)

Stuff You Should Know: Bear Attack

Parachute: An RPC Adventure Film

UGANDA MAN trailer - Documentary Feature

Crazy Good - Stop Motion Lyrics Video

My Busy Life

The Book of Exodus

Mary and The Angel (Every Frame a Painting)

Rodeo 2015 Part 2: An RPC Adventure Film

The Marsh's Story

Family Band 

The Countryman's Story

Stuff You Should Know: Bird Attack

Stuff You Should Know: Bobcat Attack


I am currently working on Smugglers, a feature length film about a group of guys that tried to smuggle 1 million Bibles into communist China in 1981.  I researched the story, interviewed the surviving members of the mission, and adapted Captain Bill Tinsleys book Sea Dog into the screen play.  Below is a concept trailer cut together from other films and a short doc about the real life mission.


Nathan VonMinden

Nathan VonMinden

Award Winning Films

Below are a couple films that I am grateful to have made.  A lot of people pitched in to make these projects possible.  

Uganda Man


Short Films

Short Films

More Short Films

Below are some short films on which I had the privilege to lead our dedicated crew.  I wrote, directed and edited them all.  Some are funny, some are documentaries of peoples stories, there are some stop motion pieces in there too.  We produce a high volume of films and have fun doing it.

The Chandler's Story

Jim's Story

It's Snowy (It's Tricky Parody)

Duel of The Dishes

Parent Pep Talk

Rhythm - Aging Disco King

Crazy Good - featuring Mary Sarah

Hold Us Together

We Heard All About It

Measure Up

RPC in Cuba - Journey to see Michele

Intro to Galatians

Making RPC Stop Motion Christmas

Scott's Story

My Busy Life

Gird Up Your Loins


Staying on Track: The Runner




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