Recent Projects


Recent Projects

THE CHALLENGER DISASTER (2019) - Written, Directed, and Produced by Nathan VonMinden

The night before the Challenger disaster in 1986, a hot headed engineer leads a desperate race against the clock to stop the launch and the subsequent cover up.

Nathan VonMinden Demo Reel

Stafford, TX Fire Department

The Ice Skater - Stop Motion

Without You - Lyrics Video

Rodeo 2015 Part 1: An RPC Adventure Film


U Can't Touch This (Supercut featuring Pastor Patrick Kelley)

Money Controlling You

Worship & Creative Arts (Behind The Scenes)

Stuff You Should Know: Bear Attack

Parachute: An RPC Adventure Film

UGANDA MAN trailer - Documentary Feature

Crazy Good - Stop Motion Lyrics Video

My Busy Life

The Book of Exodus

Mary and The Angel (Every Frame a Painting)

Rodeo 2015 Part 2: An RPC Adventure Film

The Marsh's Story

Family Band 

The Countryman's Story

Stuff You Should Know: Bird Attack

Stuff You Should Know: Bobcat Attack


I am currently working on Smugglers, a feature length film about a group of guys that tried to smuggle 1 million Bibles into communist China in 1981.  I researched the story, interviewed the surviving members of the mission, and adapted Captain Bill Tinsleys book Sea Dog into the screen play.  Below is a concept trailer cut together from other films and a short doc about the real life mission.


Nathan VonMinden

Nathan VonMinden

Uganda Man

Feature length documentary about the water crisis in Rushere Uganda.


Short Films

Short Films

More Short Films

Below are some short films on which I had the privilege to lead our dedicated crew.  I wrote, directed and edited them all.  Some are funny, some are documentaries of peoples stories, there are some stop motion pieces in there too.  We produce a high volume of films and have fun doing it.

The Chandler's Story

Jim's Story

It's Snowy (It's Tricky Parody)

Duel of The Dishes

Parent Pep Talk

Rhythm - Aging Disco King

Crazy Good - featuring Mary Sarah

Hold Us Together

We Heard All About It

Measure Up

RPC in Cuba - Journey to see Michele

Intro to Galatians

Making RPC Stop Motion Christmas

Scott's Story

My Busy Life

Gird Up Your Loins


Staying on Track: The Runner




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