Tell your story

Real stories of faith

encouraging to those who serve in ministry

Reaching your community with your story

stories of Salvation - missions - ministry - growth

How much? - Each story cost $1,800-$3,000 to produce.

How long? - A personal story can take 4-6 days to produce depending on your subject's availability.  And the final product can be anywhere from 3-8min depending on your preference and story content.

How does it work? - Provide a contact and any info you would like included in the story like a tie into a sermon series or a specific direction that would fit your service.  

How do I get it? - I will provide a dropbox or google drive link in enough time for your team to evaluate and check that the film works for your infrastructure and taste.

What kind of stories? - Salvation testimonies, giving campaigns, mission adventure films, and all types of ministry stories; adoption, prison, overcoming addiction, serving stories, marriage, etc.

Theology - Theology matters and all of the stories made represent an accurate Biblical worldview.